An Electric Bike for
Urban Micromobility

Nikola Robotics makers of motors, contollers and batteries for the micro electric vehicle industry. FAST by Default

designed and manufactured by. Nikola Electronic R&D Lab

Easy Local Travel

Commute in a stylish urban vehicle
Get, Anywhere & all the power of a vehicle with the convenience of a bicycle. Join the micromobility revolution.

Safe By Design

Safety is at the core of the platform. Peak performance is achieved by using lightweight, durable material that makes the vehicle nimble and easy to transport.

Over The Air Upgrades

High End Technology and always connected. GPS, 5G LTE, WIFI, BT & more. The only urban vehicle that gets better the longer you own it.

Mobile Portable UPS

Our Battery doubles as a resilient UPS. Power your home & effect positive climate change. In an emergency know your family can rely on your vehicle. On regular days earn some extra cash by stabilizing the grid.

Autonomous AI

Our vehicles come with an industry-leading AI supercomputer and 360 degree monitoring. Ultrasonic sensors and 6 blindspot cameras. Improve local road safety and turn your city into a SmartCity just by commuting.

Produced In Local Microfactory

Our factory is locally based, and utilizes continuous improvement/deployment. Also comes with roadside assistance and on-demand concierge.